Monday, December 17, 2007


To be honest, I couldn’t find anything good this week. If you are a band in Salt Lake and have a show this week that you think we should know about, please comment below. This should be an ongoing thing, contact us if you think that we should be listing your shows. Aside from the lack of shows this week (I mean seriously, Christmas is in, like, 8 days!) there are some insane shows on the horizon (most notably Beach House, Yeasayer, Liars and No Age). But they’re not the only ones. Take a look for yourselves:

1/04 – Band of Annuals, Joshua James – Kilby Court
1/10 – Grizzly Prospector, Stag Hare, The Groom, Chaz Prymek – Kilby Court
1/15 – David Williams, Glade – Kilby Court
1/17 – Sea Wolf, Atherton – Kilby Court
1/25 – The Future of the Ghost – Kilby Court
1/31 – The Lionelle, Dead Horse Point, Patterstats – Kilby Court
1/31 – Liars, No Age – Urban Lounge
2/02 – Blood On The Wall, Will Sartain cd release – Kilby Court
2/03 – Yeasayer, MGMT – Kilby Court
2/06 – Navigator, Aye Aye, Stag Hare, Grizzly P. – Kilby Court
2/28 – The Future of the Ghost, Band of Annuals – Kilby Court
3/08 – Panther - Slowtrain
3/09 – Living Legends – Kilby Court
3/21 – Beach House, Papercuts – Kilby Court
3/22 – Jose Gonzalez – Union Ballroom
3/24 – Explosions in the Sky, Lichens, Black Moth Super Rainbow – In the Venue
3/26 – Headlights, Evangelicals – Kilby Court
4/15 – Blitzen Trapper, Calico – Urban Lounge


ryan said...

hi there! ran across yer page and i have a few updates for yer shows list - i play in tolchock trio so i'm in the know and stuff.

+tolchock trio added to liars/no age show

+the feb 28th kilby show has been changed to tolchock trio, future of the ghost, kid theodore and bad weather california (from denver) and is our all-ages CD release show.

+there's an early new years show @ kilby (6 pm) and the lineup is future of the ghost, kid theodore, tolchock trio and patter stats


anna said...

how did you know that panther was playing at slowtrain? you guys are a class act to have that kind of scoop...