Friday, December 9, 2011

White Denim - D

(Downtown, 2011)

I am a championer of White Denim, so I don't know why it took me till now to say so about D.  There's something about how laconic and assured White Denim can sound that is all over this latest album of theirs.  They're a versatile band, a lovable band, a band that can lively-like resurrect those classic old sounds so they sound like what new bands are (and ought to be) playing.  The band is mining a particular retro aesthetic that most everyone else is skipping over, and that others are failing to transform, and it feels effortless and sounds brilliant and I enjoy it very much.  Glad White Denim does what they do, though, for the record, not a fan of that cover art.  You're ruining the look of my artsy-fartsy blog there, WD, jeez!

Drug by WhiteDenim

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