Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sparkling Wide Pressure - Fragments of a Sound I Can Not Erase

(Kimberly Dawn Recordings, 2011)

The idea that this was limited, initially, to 50 physical copies and is now available for free downloading does a disservice to what is, to my mind, to my ears, an uncorrupted masterwork of angel-drift guitar work, heavy heavenly blues, guided grit, and ascended loveliness of an impeccable sort, managing all the right textures for satisfaction of the earthly mind in its skyward tendencies, because it criminally undervalues what could be--particularly when etched to vinyl--a sacred monument of the possibilities of sound via the electric guitar.  However, the open possibility that any and everyone could be healed by its Godly inspiring sounds is a comforting thought in a harsh world.  Not to be dismissed, by human beings in general.   

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Henry A. Meat said...

Jesus this is a good album. Reminds me a bit of the Neil Young soundtrack to "Dead Man." Only with Lucifer on guitar instead of Neil. Cheers and thanks for all the great musical discoveries on your site, which I've just discovered!