Friday, December 2, 2011

Ezekiel Honig - Folding In On Itself

(Type Records, 2011)

Ezekiel Honig makes musical the subtly corrosive elements of life: the sidewalk sounds, the happenstance rattle in the kitchen, loose-chimed wind clatter, memory.  Composed of texture-mongering field recordings, slow-moving melodies and an understated beat-based backbone, Honig's Folding In On Itself is a meditative record, morose, but not overly so.  It's been three years since Honig released a full length album (his last through his own Anticipate label) so it's exhilarating diving into something new.  Honig's work unfolds itself slowly, a patient production of one of the stalwarts of minimalist electronics and Folding In On Itself is no exception.  Great great great!

Ezekiel Honig - Folding In On Itself by _type

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