Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chris Rehm - Old Flame / New Squeeze

(Chinquapin Records, 2011)

How...did...I...miss...this?  Honestly, can someone tell me how this sneaked by?  Chris Rehm operating in long form, collaging together all aspects of his genius...how did I miss this when it first came out?  Listen:


trickmytrick said...

Nice. I missed this one too!

As for another awesome album you may have missed, check out Ni Hao!'s "Marvelous". It's on John Zorn's Tzadik label.... great female experimental punk (Sounds like Melt Banana fused with OOIOO). I know this is completely different from Chris Rehm's music but I thought I'd mention it.


Nick said...

I absolutely will check that out. Thanks for the heads-up, Bob!

trickmytrick said...

Cool. There is some random techno remix in the middle of the album that makes no sense and is out of place! Aside from that everything else is pretty sweet.

Speaking of other potentially missed albums, have you heard Steve Hauschildt's (Emeralds) debut "Tragedy & Geometry" ? I believe it is the last Kranky release this year (Came out about a month ago). Really nice album!