Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inverz - Songs

(Granny Records, 2008)
RIYL = Mark Templeton, Chihei Hatakeyama, Fennesz

If you’ve followed FG for a while, you may already be thinking to yourself, “I have enough tenderly buzzing, electro-frost-ambient-slumber-drone.”  And then maybe you’d notice that Songs, by Inverz, came out like (gasp!), almost a few years ago.  (Or maybe you were awesomely hip to the album when it first came out.)  What does it matter what year an album came out anyway?   It seems it matters not at all. A poet friend of mine actually introduced me to this album and I must say, Songs seems a ripe breeding ground for writing poetry.  Not far distant from the RIYLs listed, but definitely a quality selection worthy of being listed amongst them.  If you have space for some blizzardy click, buzz and hum, it's worth seeking out.

"L Song" - Inverz by ForestGospel

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