Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caboladies - Live Anywhere (2010, Aguirrre Records)

RIYL = Black Dice, Flower Man, Axolotl

I’m late to the game on this one (despite knowing about it when it was first released last year (I’m sorry)), but since there are still copies kicking around (can’t be many with only 330 originally pressed), I thought I would mention that, yes, it’s really-absolutely-totally swell-to-the-max. Of course, we’ve known this about Caboladies for some time. This recording sees the now duo of Chris Bush and Eric Lanham working live (no overdubs!?) for a Chicago radio show, and the set absolutely kills. What I wouldn’t do to see these two in the studio with their magic wands and caldrons (filled to the brim with recycled electronics), boiling up and casting all manner of electro-jumbled spells. Side A on Live Anywhere is just that, a luminescent jumble of texture spells and sounds, minorly percussive, and wonderfully synergetic. This wondrousness breaks down in the latter half of side A and on the opening half of side B into a shimmery more recognizably Caboladies’ dronescape in which lazers abound, and then into a slow series of soft breakdowns, light static and motored dying before picking up again on its tail end LP, bubbling up with synth key clusters and skittery electric animals pawing at the windows. So yeah, just another awesome, dense Caboladies record (and on vinyl to boot!).  Check it.

A2-Live Anywhere by Aguirre Records

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