Monday, August 8, 2011

Matthew Cooper - Some Days Are Better Than Others

 (Temporary Residence, 2011)

Matthew Cooper makes savior sounds.

You may have heard some of them that he's made as Eluvium. Though he's released under his given name before as well.

I mark his tones as sacred. I know others do as well.

Some Days Are Better Than Others is original music Cooper scored for a film by the same name. I haven't seen it. Is it out yet? I don't know.

I'm already arrested by the sounds of it though, by Cooper's subtle grandeur.

This is rehabilitation music. Sad music. Eternal music. Hopeful music. Wonderment in sound.

In snippet form, likely due to the placement of the tracks in the film, Cooper's compositions still shine as brightly, as warbling and shimmery, as beautiful.

In the hectic space of life that I'm in, this is a wonderful redemption.

Thanks Matthew.

Matthew Cooper "Some Days Are Better Than Others"