Monday, August 8, 2011

Ou Où - Builded

(self released, 2011)

Ou Où’s debut album, Baron Von Baron, had an otherworldly draw. With the volume of music that I have been listening to in the last few years it has become increasingly more commonplace for me to quickly dismiss an album that doesn’t promptly present itself. Yet, Baron Von Baron, as stubborn a record as I can ever remember, kept me coming back again and again to figure it out, each go slightly more satisfying the last but still perplexing. Until, by year’s end, it was one of my favourites.

Ou Où’s follow-up, Builded, a 3 track, 30+ minute EP, maintains the type of queasy-off-kilter-yet-satisfyingly-beautiful layering that kept me coming back to Baron Von Baron: the multitudinously drawn, mazelike pathways, the sounds-different-every-time-you-hear-it hijinks, just composed a shade more approachable.

The evolution presents Ou Où as an outfit maturing and progressing into realms currently inhabited by the likes of The Fun Years, Pantha du Prince and Eluvium. Realms dedicated to hammering out new, gorgeous, immortal sounds, with a catatonic edge.  Builded is at the doorsteps of that type of immortality.

Why Builded is essential listening for avant-guardists in 2011.

Builded by Ou Où

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Buddha Mom said...

Just loved Baron von BaronM and enjoyed listening to these. I love the evolution of Ou Où from their first album to this new one. Hope they continue the cutting edge quality I have come to expect!

St. Louis MO