Friday, August 6, 2010

Psychedelic Horses Hit - Acid Tape

Psychedelic Horses Hit
Acid Tape
(2010, Fan Death Records)
RIYL = Times New Viking, Guided By Voices, The Hospitals

While it’s true, I am slowly overcoming my apprehension towards swearing (though, only in terms of absolute necessity when writing fiction); still, old habits die hard. And I still love calling these guys Psychedelic Horses Hit (almost, but not quite as much as Jackie-O Samuel L. Jackson). Why the hell (see!) am I even reviewing this tape? It’s totally sold out now, as far as I can tell. I‘ve had it for awhile and I only started listening to it after the hype had been confirmed and the tape disappeared. So, this review could really only be for two purposes. 1. To rub it in your face that Acid Tape is the grimiest, best lo-fi noise pop album of the year and you’ll never even have the opportunity to buy it. And 2. To make a case for it being reissued…on vinyl! Please please please. Actually, on any format would be great because, honestly, Acid Tape is everything it purports to be. And, on top of it containing absolutely delicious portions of pop genius, scratchy ear candy scratchiness, and rock n’ roll abandon – the band has created noise pop dub! Really, “Hard As It Gets (Chill Sax Mix)” is sooooooo awesome (and so chill). I imagine that Blues Control would have loved to have set that tune to tape. Too bad, Psychedelic Horses Hit beat you fools to it. Really honestly though, Acid Tape is one of the best albums of the year. You’ve been hearing that a lot from me probably, because it’s been a great year really really. But I’m talking best-of-the-best here. I know I haven’t heard the new No Age album yet, but there is only a 1% chance they could get within a 100 yards of the genius on Acid Tape. That good.