Monday, August 23, 2010

Male - German For Shark

German For Shark
(2010, Other Electricites)
RIYL = Supersilent, Zs, Splint!

The situation for Male is that they need to scrape clean an abandoned warehouse and all they’ve been provided with as far as tools go is instrument scraps. Some drum sticks to shudder the dirt from the walls, to scour the metal piping and its stains. A trombone to catch leaks and distribute cleaning sounds into the corner pockets (gets rid of those vermin). A guitar for sweeping or to be used as a hammer. This dilapidated piano – one with wheels on the bottom – to roll out all the scraps. These in addition to a muffled cornet, some crack-keyed vibraphone, a wobbly sax, and a bit of processing equipment, or something. I guess the janitor had been a jazz man. The band, Male, found that it was important to make the sound of cleaning exotic. In this way they were able to corrode the mess twice as fast based on the mentality of that mess being corroded understanding its process, ear-wise, in a much more adventurous manner (ya dig?). Of course, when in the process of a clean scrape, it can be difficult not to get sidetracked with your instrument at hand. To allow the guitar strings to pulse; to lay down some strict percussion; to hollow out the room with some mad-hot drone. And the tapes were running. Why not pass them off to some historied friends for remixing? German For Shark is a split of tension building free jazz and waterfront drone that cuddles perfectly into every corner and crack of a place, cleaning it out audibly. And you know what they say about cleanliness…


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