Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ou Où - Baron Von Baron

Ou Où
Baron Von Baron
(2010, self released)
RIYL = Our Sleepless Forest, White Rainbow, The Fun Years

It’s a thing, really, to be eaten alive. Particularly, I think, when you welcome it. Welcoming it is difficult; I’ll be the first to admit. It’s a tedious decision for a tedious event. I prefer to be consumed by those without teeth or by those who’ve been de-toothed. It turns the event into a series of constrictions and I’m comfortable with that. A tight wetness around my feet and then ankles, a contraction that then slackens lightly before advancing. And, to the extent that one can prepare for and complete the process of being consciously consumed, there are six stages of mental clarity that the practice provides. 1 – “Iedna” – this first mental station applies in all instances of being eaten alive, but is particularly vibrant in the event that you are devoured by a large water-dwelling snake, and is characterized by an immediate deterioration of the senses followed by their slow reintroduction, starting with sound and ending with taste. 2 – “Fernlinden” – most common when being removed from outside a body and into its internal casing by packs, but faintly resonant in all live consumption cases, this second mental condition is popularly described as a clumsy, tone-heavy moment that breeds silliness into an otherwise foggy vision and translates sound into touch (that rhythmic advance, jaw over knee). 3 – “Bellerive” – a common “regrets” period, this mental state stifles onset feelings of anxiety by employing mental glitching for purposes of mindnumbing (also, at this point one will also begin to communicate with the one who devours them subconsciously). 4 – “Silverwood” – this is when things get real; why would you welcome being eaten alive? Fear, confusion and violence ensue pleasantly (and with particularly interesting results if you have chosen an elk as your devourer). 5 – “Cascade” – as the longest period in the process of being consumed, station five focuses on Godliness and the likelihood that one is going to be provided “grace”. A serene but searching period. 6 – “Ferlinden Version” – commonly referred to as “the float” or “the wave” for its twinkling atmospherics and deluded sense of happiness. The six stage process has been recorded by the St. Louis duo, Ou Où, and released in the buffalo format. Adventurous drone for the healthy hearted experimenter. I know this because I type to you from inside a buffalo. Its name is Baron Von Baron. Allow her to consume you.


Ou Où on Bandcamp


Scott said...

nice-- it sure would be great if you could get it somewhere. jejee

Forest Gospel said...

Soory fi the lack of info - It's digital on iTunes or you can message the band directly for a tape.