Friday, August 13, 2010

Graham Lambkin - Softly Softly Copy Copy

Graham Lambkin
Softly Softly Copy Copy
(2009, Kye)
RIYL = musique concrète

Because it needs to be said: Softly Softly Copy Copy is perfect. Absolutely. Composed of two pieces of music/sound of exactly the same length, 20 minutes and 40 seconds, Lambkin offers two versions of out composition that simply drive a texture obsessive like myself into dizzying fits of excitement and joy. Despite my excitement, the album provides a fairly placid experience. With a mix of found sounds, electronics, violin and other…things…Softly Softly Copy Copy is perhaps the most pure and cleansingly assembled experimental collage piece since The Kallikak Family’s May 23rd 2007 (my favourite album of this past decade). Lambkins methods and tones remind me of a much more languorous version of John Wiese, maintaining Wiese’s ear for interesting texture and collage but removing it from a harsh noise context. There is just so much to sink into here, to swim in. I’m obsessed, but I won’t go much further. Just know that this bristling, ghosting, spacious, watershed of an album exists and it is that good.


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Argon said...

It sort of makes me barf a little bit in my mouth how much music you listen to that I don't even know about