Monday, July 12, 2010

Moonhearts - Moonhearts

(2010, Tic Tac Totally!)
RIYL = Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Woven Bones

Oh bliss! Look at my fried & scrambled brains, all hissing and popping, steaming, served up on a dirty diner's plate. Thank you Moonhearts, oh thank you thank you! I know it wasn’t much of a week or so ago when I was discussing the Moonhearts (formally Charlie and the Moonhearts) and their garage rock superiority with the 2008 tape/CD, Thunderbeast. Well, they’ve dropped Charlie, though I hope not literally. Even if they did, this self titled outing under the shinyfresh Moonhearts moniker is absolutely the bee’s friggin’ knee caps. Oh me oh my, is it delicious! Better than Thunderbeast, better than any other brick-toothed garage rock album that I can think of. Moonhearts has erased all of that; those memories. This is that type of coiled, manic, liquor-doused rock n’ roll that burns your lungs and exalts your ears. Hooks mudded and tangled in barbed wire, guitars strung out like ripped tendons, drums mashed flat like potatoes, it’s all here and noisy like Boise. Hmm hmm, I feel like I should be spiraling off into some alternate dimension of description, but I’ll leave it short and tight, just like the album.


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