Friday, July 2, 2010

Estesombelo - Oppida Von Ataraxia

Oppida Von Ataraxia
(2007, self released)
RIYL = Stars of the Lid, Eluvium, The Fun Years

For some reason I thought this was a 2009 release when it was actually a 2007 release. Whatever, I already wrote a review: Estesombelo makes sound of the richest variety. It’s like melting gold into your ears. That may not sound super pleasing – hot, popping gold slipping into and swimming in your ear canals – but rest assured, the image (minus the heat) is spot on. Oppida Von Ataraxia is smooth, glistening and rich with aesthetically appeasing sound. Out of Chicago, the group, currently a trio, create glistening, dreamlike, ambient washes that immerse you, body and soul. And, in terms of droning bliss, Estesombelo manage the near impossible task of maintaining a perfectly beautiful tone register throughout: always satisfying, never boring (though super similar to Stars of the Lid). The soft puncture of blips and dots, the slow tide of guitars and synths, and whatever is all in this gently lapping sound, is like the perfectly temperate paradise of a nighttime beach. Timeless and gorgeous beyond the simplicity of my vocabulary.


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