Friday, July 2, 2010

LSD March - Under Milk Wood

LSD March
Under Milk Wood
(2009, Important)
RIYL = Boris, Ghost, Acid Mother Temple

LSD March has, apparently, been a longtime psych rock import from Japan. I never knew, and as a result I seem to be a much lesser person than I otherwise could’ve been. So this, Under Milk Wood, with its black and white visual palate and its broken down psych folk branches, its beautiful, haunting Japanese cadence, is simply contorting me into another world completely. Some place with a rain of crows and crows’ feathers. A blackened air backlit by a white, hot sun. It’s a desert type atmosphere, arid and austere, mangled leafless trees perched about and barbed wire fencing, rusted and bent. When they pull out the electric guitar, let it buzz hard into the air, everything burns slow and flat. It’s simply an experience. An enveloping, Jimi Hendrix screwed and twisted into a Japanese horror film, or something. Whatever it is, I’m loving it.


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