Friday, January 9, 2009

Millipede - Death Mountain

Death Mountain
(12.2008/01.2009, Install)
Verdict = Merriweather Post Pavilion and now this!? I think I could sleep through the rest of 2009 and be just fine.

Though part of a marginally larger edition than his Hyrule cassette (30 copies), Death Mountain is still a criminally limited edition at only 50 copies. The concept for Millipede this time around is the same: Zelda + My Bloody Valentine = monolithic cathedrals of towering guitar feedback that somehow instills a depressing beauty amidst the swirling chaos. Think Fennesz, if he was performing an exorcism gone horribly wrong (but at the same time - horribly right!). I don’t know why the labels that are putting this stuff out (and they’re great labels to be putting it out at all, that’s for sure) aren’t placing more stock into it because Millipede’s brand of melodic guitar feedback is devastatingly good. Let me be the first to request that someone put this stuff on wax at an edition of 500 or something because once someone notable finds out about this stuff, it’ll be gone in no time. But then again, I’m just a lowly music blogger, the scum of the music world, what do I know? Well, if nothing else, I know that Death Mountain is noise done right. This is the kind of stuff that us odd, experimental leaning folk devour after wading through pools of the BS noise releases that everyone else and their little sisters have cranked out on CDR. This is one of those holy grail type records that make wading through the crap a bearable means to an end. And let me just say this so that I can be the first (why else blog about music?): If Millipede keeps this up, there will be a day when his moniker will be uttered in company with noise stalwarts like Yellow Swans, Axolotl, Earth and Sunn O))). His stuff is that good. Don’t sleep on Death Mountain on the basis of its limited edition status or its peculiar Nintendo associations – this ain’t no lame, glitched out NES cover band. Death Mountain is transcendent, apocalyptic, magnificent and searingly beautiful; a true work of art. As you could imagine, I could probably go on all day. However, I’d rather give my full attention back to Millipede and Death Mountain. Sample below for the unbelievers…

-Mr. Thistle

Sample of "Daphnes Nohansen"


Justin Snow said...

This record is simply amazing. I have similar faith in Millipede in becoming a legendary name like Yellow Swans, etc. I've also heard his split tape with Brian Grainger and it's just as good. This guy seems unstoppable; everything he touches is awesome.

fatherinlaw said...

Yuck. Ick. I'd rather be listening to Barry Manilow while having my appendix taken out without anethesia.

Our Tiny Servant said...

Anyone have a rip of this??