Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cantilever - Idalis/Hadalis

(2008, Square Root Records)
File Under = Glitch/IDM

The cringe worthy IDM tag! I actually don’t mind it too much. Intelligent dance music as a genre tag has always provoked thoughts of microscopic neurons boogying down as my brainwaves proceed to pulse rhythmically like a beat ridden jump rope. Electronic engineer, Cantilever’s Idalis/Hadalis produces (literally) that same effect, so, IDM is the tag. Idalis/Hadalis is basically two ten minute tracks named “Idalis” and “Hadalis” followed by two additional ten minute tracks with these first ones variously folded atop one another. The compositions are compacted thickly with a barrage of various percussive clicks, ticks and tocks and propelled by warm, synthesized melodies throughout. Assessed simply, Idalis/Hadalis is perfect electronic ear candy for traversing through any modern city. In fact, it sounds kind of like what you would imagine after seeing transit - whether pedestrian or by car – that’s been videoed from a still shot and then fast-forwarded. I love it. It’s super solid stuff in the vein of Morr Music before they started dipping their toes into more pop oriented pools. I’m thinking Mum when they released Yesterday Is Dramatic - Today Is OK. It’s pretty straight-forward, heady, brain exhilarating electronica.

-Mr. Thistle

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