Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Andrew Bird - Noble Beast

Andrew Bird
Noble Beast
(01.2008, Fat Possum)
Verdict: You already know it's good

Who, in the world of music blog readers isn't already familiar with the beautifully voiced troubadour Andrew Bird? And who in the world of music appreciators doesn't enjoy giving any one of Mr Bird's wonderfully tracked albums a spin from time to time? With those questions in place, I ask a third and final question? Why am I even bothering to review this? I guess, it's because I want Noble Beast to have a sweet little spot on the Forest Gospel scrolling blog page. There is nothing new or enlightening that I can say about Noble Beast. For the most part it is what was expected and similar to all Bird's release. There are no new surprising twists or turns necessarily, just another super solid album to add to his already impeccable back catalog. Saying there is nothing new or surprising is not a bad thing. I still can't get enough of his gorgeous songwriting. The more songs the merrier. I am happy to say that Noble Beast has already burrowed itself into a fairly comfortable spot in my heart.

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Daddio said...

This is pretty good.