Thursday, October 9, 2008

The New Year - Self Titled

The New Year
The New Year
(09.2008, Touch & Go)
Verdict = Subtly above “above average”

Do you remember the time when the independent music scene was filled with solid music from all over the map that wasn’t worried about inventing the next hybrid genre? A time when instruments were employed skillfully to flesh out great songwriting? Maybe that era never really existed, but there was a time when I first started listening to “indie music” that I felt like that was all that was out there. The New Year not only remembers this period in indie rock (the band was started in ’99), but has beautifully retained its aesthetics. On their self-titled third album, The New Year has humbly churned out another batch of solid, slightly lonely indie rock tracks. Alternating between guitar and piano based songs. The New Year isn’t breaking down any musical barriers. References to some of the band member’s former projects like Bedhead and Codiene or to note one of my personal favorites of this era of generic descriptors, Idaho, are certainly expected. One can see by the cover of The New Year’s latest that they aren’t out to turn any heads. However, for those who invest their time in the band’s latest, the rewards are boundless. The New Year’s new self-titled album is the definition of a grower. The understated vocals, affecting lyrics, subtle melodic interplay and elusively technical percussion all interlock to create a near perfect album that will never lose its sheen. It may take a few listens, but once The New Year has you in their grips they’re discreet genius will appear limitless.

-Mr. Thistle

Listen to the album Here

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Håkon said...

Great post, can't wait to hear it, thanks! I love Bedhead, and Codeine has started to grow on me too, first two albums of The New Year didn't reach as high to me as their former bands, but I think it's nice music. Got a feeling this one might be a nice one anyway, thanks for sharing :)