Friday, October 17, 2008

Machinefabriek - Dauw

(07.2008, Dekoder)
File Under = Engrossing

With near (if it hasn’t already exceeded) 100 releases under his belt, Machinefabriek is a difficult artist to keep track of (I think he and Birchville Cat Motel are in completion to see who can reach the 100 releases benchmark first). This is especially true when most of his releases come in the form of a limited edition CDr. It’s probably impossible to lay ears on everything he has produced or to be able to filter those of his releases which you truly need from those which will simply end up ornamenting your Christmas tree. So, when this Dutch native decides that something is good enough to be released as a full length album on a legitimate record label, you should probably take notice. Dauw is undoubtedly in the ‘don’t-miss-this’ category. The album transcends typical standards of music, providing some of the most engrossing sounds I’ve ever heard through headphones. Machinefabriek has an undeniable work ethic that has made him the indisputable master of his craft and Dauw may just be his benchmark achievement. The album moves slowly like a massive stone colossus (think Shadow of The Colossus – perhaps the video game equivalent to this album actually), shaking the ground with it’s every move. Blending elements of musique concrete and manipulated recording buzz with quaint, beautiful instrumentation, Machinefabriek achieves much more than a passing ambience. Dauw is a record, that despite its patient pacing grabs your full unwavering attention. There is just something otherworldly about the weight of what Machinefabriek has created here – something divine. The albums five tracks culminate in the 25+ minute album closer, “Singel,” a gorgeous transportative piece anchored by an ominous low end hum that builds and builds until there is nothing more that could possibly be added that could improve upon what has transpired. It is really an experience all its own.

-Mr. Thistle

Machinefabriek - "Fonograaf"

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