Monday, February 6, 2012

Vampillia - Alchemic Heart

(Important, 2011)

It feels gullible, over the course of 25 minutes, to fall for the singular crescendo, like I'm thirteen years old again and I'm listening to Godspeed You Black Emperor!, taking that exclamation point at face value.  Is that right?  We were gullible?  Or juvenile--was it that: we were buying into the manipulative theatrics of a lengthy arc, like we were hysterical girls and they were Tiger Beat boys.  I can't help though, even now, getting chest-swells from a well-composed build and release.  Alchemic Heart taps into that: an unapologetic sense of the unavoidably apocalyptic.  And, to these ears, they pull it off.  No, lets not be timid: they totally pull it off.  Probably because they're Japanese.  And look!  Look what I found out after the fact!  They wrangled in Jarboe, and Merzbow!  Credentials!  And a new record collaborating with Nadja!