Monday, February 13, 2012

2011: Still Glittering...(Pt. 1)

Balkans - Balkans

(Double Phantom, 2011)

For those with This Is It-era Strokes still on rotation, here's a solid alternate (thanks Olive-Music).

Flossin - White Anaconda and the Rainbow Boa

(Overlap, 2011)

What?! Zach Hill, Matmos, Christopher Willits (and two other guys) made a record of cluttery, blustery awesomeness? Many thanks, Anti-Gravity Bunny.

Brian Grainger - Forcefield

(Milieu Music, 2011)

Milky-sweet, atmospheric, attention-worthy drone action from Mr. Grainger, a clearly underrated (and insanely prolific) experimental mastermind (thanks J. Davenport).


trickmytrick said...

Cool, haven't heard these, gotta check them out. Especially that

I also highly recommend a 60's/70's Thai compilation that was released in 2011 called "The Sound of Siam"

I don't see many international albums of this nature here. Highly awesome sounds (some people can't handle the Thai singing, I think it's great)

k-shan said...

blissful and immersive