Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Goslings & Warmth - Heaven of Animals

(aRCHIVE, 2009)

There are a few artists whose work sits so powerfully in my subconscious that I will, seemingly at random, think of them, my mind urging me, insistently, to check on them, see what they’ve been up to and make sure that I haven’t missed anything in the interim of days between now and the last time I thought of them, listened to them. It’s a small group—say maybe a dozen artists—who get that kind of attention from me. The Goslings are one of those. It’s been nearly four years now since their last full-length record, Occasion, and I thought to myself, Self, we should be due for another blast of Goslings sometime soon. So, I check on them through some of my standard avenues (mostly Google) and realized, appalled at myself, that The Goslings put out a collaborative record in 2009 that I, until now, never knew existed: Heaven of Animals. I’m embarrassed, I guess, that I didn’t know about the album when it came out, but even more than that I am excited that I have, immediately, a new album fingerprinted by gloriously abysmal Goslings with which to seek out. I’m hesitant of course, we are dealing with a collaboration, here—maybe there’s no trace of “The Goslings” anywhere on the record, and who’s Warmth? Still, excited. Overwhelmingly excited. Researching, I realize that I’m a bad Goslings fan: not only did Heaven of Animals get released in 2009 by aRCHIVE, half the record (the first 4 of the 8 tracks) were apparently released in 2005, in collaboration with Roxanne Jean Polise (also titled, Heaven of Animals). I feel like an idiot—but regardless, I’m happily, idiotically smiling now, because it’s new-to-me The Goslings. Seems like the thing’s sold out, I can’t find it anywhere (not that that has stopped me from looking for a downloadable version before), so I download it. The first track, “Soft Eyes Open,” is twenty-two minutes long! Has to be the longest thing they’ve done.  And it's glorious.  Like gold in my ears.  The record finds The Goslings (& Warmth--whoever you are Warmth, and I'll find out when it isn't past midnight, I'm looking you up) in perfect form.  Loud as ever and dronier than ever as well.  But still, patently, The Goslings.  It's almost as good as Grandeur of Hair.  I sure hope something new is right around the corner (though, this'll hold me over for a long, long while).

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