Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Andrew Douglas Rothbard - Frequenseqer

(Peaking Mandala, 2011)

Andrew Douglas Rothbard's hyper-collagist, über-stylized psychedelia is like a chocolate fountain, constantly brimming over with candy-sweet richness.  On his latest, Frequenseqer, It's almost too much, carrying the threat of short-wiring the listener's brain.  But that's part of the deranged beauty of it: an all-cylinders assault constantly teetering on the point of collapse (yet always managing to stay right-side up).  Containing 23 tracks, Rothbard's most recent outing is a gorgeous, expansive mind-tangle, flush with swirling electronics, beat-mashing intricacies and a giant-sized, glitched-out imagination.  A very worthy successor to 2009's Exodusarabesque (and his debut, Abandoned Meander, for that matter).  File under: should've been on my year-end list (like everything I've been posting lately: new 2011 year-end list in February (I should kill myself...)).


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Note: Wait at least 6 months before posting best of _____ year lists

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