Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sharks' Teeth - Such People

(self released, 2011)

Sometimes, when you're caught between earth and sky, in the middle stages of being abducted by an alien saucer-ship, ropes of light looped under your arms and the backs of your knees, hoisting you skyward, there's a special sense of hope and wonderfulness; the feeling that, despite the unannounced stealing of you, these saucer-ship people, they might just be alright; a hope that this abduction just might land you a galaxy away, on some distant planet where warmongering and consumerism and bureaucratic paperwork and all the dirt and shame blah-ness of this world are nonexistent.  Time slows down, folds into your pocket and, indeed, it's true, you've been removed from the earth by such people.   

In the course of two tracks and just over thirty minutes of music, Sharks' Teeth navigates a similar path.  Such People is a transportative, polyhued album filled with lush, cosmic electronics that are mesmerizingly beautiful.

And it's free to download.

A surefire pleaser.

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HA! Great review!