Monday, September 12, 2011

Mammal Airlines - Wounded Lions Crying Iron

RIYL = Times New Viking, Cloud Nothings, the like

(Papaiti Records, 2011)

How many full-length albums Mammal Airlines have recorded: 0
How many EPs Mammal Airlines have recorded: 3
How many Mammal Airlines EPs that are freely downloadable from Papaiti Records: 3
How many people are Mammal Airlines: 3
How many songs Mammal Airlines have written that I know of: 13
How old the Mammal Airlines kids probably are: 20 or something young like that
How long Mammal Airlines are currently scheduled to be on hiatus according to Facebook: indefinitely
How awesome this new EP is: super awesome
How easy it is to download: very

Mammal Airlines - "Swim Team"

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