Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bridget Hayden - An Indifferent Ocean

(Kraak Records, 2011)

Bridget Hayden's solo debut sounds something akin to floating a contact mic through a thunder cloud:  particle fuzz and feedback grating on all sides.  Formerly of the historied Vibracathedral Orchestra, it's no surprise that Hayden's managed such a layered, mordantly affecting record as she has here with An Indifferent Ocean, but I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed. Enthralled actually.  Reminiscent of the best of Yellow Swans, Skullflower and Inca Ore, Hayden's cacophony sound is slathered generously with layers corrosive guitar and grainy backwater ghosting.  It's a dark and mystic landscape pulsing with elasticizing specters and mirror-chamber audio illusions.  As such, the record seems endlessly listenable for the strong-hearted.  Dreary, beautiful and wild, An Indifferent Ocean is a marvelous listen.

Bridget Hayden - An Indifferent Ocean (album preview) by experimedia

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