Friday, February 26, 2010

RxRy - RxRy

(2010, Self Released)
RIYL = Nathan Fake, Pantha du Prince, Burial

I always feel like I’m somehow doing artists a disservice when I compare them to other artists. I don’t know why. Maybe because I think that they will disagree with the comparison or that the mention of some other similar artist will somehow diminish the originality the artists work. If so, it’s not intentional. Mostly it just feels like I can’t properly describe the music without a reference point. I think I've described this anxiety before. Regardless, I’m about to do some heavy weight this-sounds-kinda-like-but not-really sinning right now: So, while big name electronic artists like Four Tet and Pantha du Prince have both released absolutely amazing jams this year in the realms of minimalist, 4/4 electronic music, this kid comes from out of nowhere with this. On his/her/their self-titled debut, RxRy has created an album which sounds kind of like a mix between Talk Amongst The Trees and This Bliss (sorry, I’ve been mentioning both of these albums far too much lately). That may not be a perfect picture of RxRy’s sound, but at least it gets you half way there. Upping the ambient textures, RxRy is plowing into fields that everyone saw a glimpse of in From Here We Go Sublime (pun not intended). And, as you can see by the company I’m affording him/her/them, RxRy’s sound is really good. No, I mean really good. Yeah. That good. It is so funny that in a year where I’ve had such high expectations from forthcoming releases from so many blockbuster artists, that all these no namers have been killing it. Translation: RxRy’s album is better than Four Tet’s and Pantha du Prince’s. It’s been a position hard won too. I didn’t really give this album the time of day when I first got it, but eventually, after I had already moved on from Black Noise and There Is Love In You, I noticed that I couldn’t stop listening to RxRy. It's absolutely addicting. Not only that, but its listenability proves that RxRy has put some quality time into this thing. It stands the test of time. So, now you know who it sounds-kinda-like-but-not-really. How would I describe it on my own terms? I think the purple hues on the cover are a start. Think about a dark purple sky, a night setting, and a black metropolis molded by the lights hanging off the buildings. RxRy feels like the sound you hear when the street noise gets drowned out by the sheer audible beauty of your visual surroundings. I sinks its hooks in your pulse and then drives you through the fissured grains of beautiful darkness. Of nightness. This is one of those albums that works well at absurdly early morning hours, when sleep won’t come and you need to let yourself sink deep into an abstract consciousness. Great textures, great pacing, great melodic molasses moving ever so slowly throughout. Really highly recommended. Oh, and in the beautiful gift economy that is running rampant among so many talented up-and-comers, RxRy has given us the album for free. Now there is no excuse (see below).


Download RxRy via Mediafire

And hit up his/her/their myspace for plenty more downloadable releases.

Edvrd Rvrfy Guitr - RxRy - RxRy 2010 from Rx Ry on Vimeo.

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