Friday, February 26, 2010

Motion Turns It On - Kaleidoscopic Equinox

Motion Turns It On
Kaleidoscopic Equinox
(2010, Chocolate Lab)
RIYL = Zu, Shining, Battles

I’ve been listening to and enjoying Motion Turns It On’s most recent album, Kaleidoscopic Equinox, a whole lot for the past month or so. But, in the wake of Joanna Newsom’s 3LP juggernaut, Have One On Me, Kaleidoscopic Equinox has been particularly useful. Of course, I love Joanna Newsom's music, but that album is Slooooooow. So, in order to retain an active pulse and a healthy heart beat, I have been interspersing listening to that album with this latest album from Motion Turns It On. Why? Because Motion Turns It On is nuts ridiculous, that’s why. Kaleidoscopic Equinox is filled to the brim with mathy post-rock with sways of jazz and flecks of guttural punk rock fervor. It’s is quite a ride my friends, and “motion” is definitely a striking component. There is this terrific, almost funk informed groove that hits on “Lo Pido Con Piedad” that had me bobbing pretty furiously (and embarrassingly) when I first heard it. Other moments have had me in full on air guitar mode. There is some definite swagger brewing here. Kaleidoscopic Equinox (as the name implies) also has heavy doses of psychedelic and electronic pulses that run throughout, assisting in the constant evolution that takes place over the course of the record. I know I have tagged a lot of genres on them already, but all and all, Motion Turns It On is just pure rock goodness. The few places where vocals come in are simply swamped in the energy of the perpetual rock bliss that laces every track. And it’s perfect that way. This album isn’t about lyricism; it’s about the vibes of a total rock freak-out scattered and then blissfully reconstructed. Think of White Denim mixed with Comets On Fire. Nah, forget that. Get the album and it will erase those bands from your mind. The energy running through this thing just never quits. A sunny apocalypse of spilt circuits, charged and exploding. What does that mean? It means that Kaleidoscopic Equinox is freakin’ it.


Sea Song - Hailey's in Denton from Motion Turns It On on Vimeo.

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