Monday, September 8, 2008

Wyld Wyzrdz - We Are Everyone

Wyld Wyzrdz
We Are Everyone
(07.2008, A. Star)
Verdict = Salt Lake’s best noise/ambient export

In my world, a world over crowded with numerous variations of slow-burning experimental titles, there has developed an unnecessary plethora of sub genres of noise and drone. Not only that but the overload of titles has made it much harder for individual records in the field to really stand out without being overwhelmingly good. Even fairly good records are starting to feel a bit stagnant and unnecessary. I mean, how many of these types of records are really necessary to have in a record collection? There have been a few records that have achieved that ‘overwhelmingly good’ standard though including The Fun Years’ Baby, It’s Cold Inside, Our Sleepless Forest’s self-titled debut and Birchville Cat Motel’s Gunpowder Temple of Heaven. Well, for those of us who revel in this stuff (and even for those that don’t) there is now another 2008 title to add to the short list of must have drone. Wyld Wyzrdz’ is a one man loop based outfit created by Braden J. McKenna. If the name sounds familiar then you are probably a regular reader because this is the same Braden J. McKenna behind the awesome lo-fi folk/noise pop project, The Navigator. I don’t know how this kid manages to turn everything he touches into gold, but let me assure you, We Are Everyone, his debut album as Wyld Wyzrdz, is just that. The first track alone is worth the price of admission as McKenna an 11+ minute track of equal parts beauty and dissonance that slowly loops and piles back on top of itself until it breaks away into a breezier, free folkish end. Literally, one of the best tracks of the year. The rest of the album works wonders as well, with guitar based slow burners that inhabit a wonderful space in-between the divine and the alien. Would fit quite nicely between Axolotl and Keith Fullerton Whitman or something like that. Huge recommendation.

-Mr. Thistle

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Stephen Walter said...

Holla! Great freakin' album

ryan said...

wyld wyzrds r00lz

andrew said...


Justin Snow said...

As always, you got me super excited about new bands with your words. Especially when you throw in comparisons to Axolotl and KFW. Can't wait to listen to this.

Justin Snow said...

Oh, and of course, I loved that Navigator record you wrote about before, so this is an obvious must.

grizzy said...

WyLD WyZyRDZ Ad infinitum!!!