Tuesday, September 23, 2008

High Places - High Places

High Places
High Places
(09.2008, Thrill Jockey)
Verdict: A sure-fire equation to get your accolades and adoration.

A few of the hottest indie trends in music right now are: boy girl indie electro duos, creepy cover art, anything "experimental", gatefold vinyl packaging containing colored pressed wax, danceable jams, and don't forget that important and mesmerizing throwback of a word, psychedelic. High Places have hit all those trendy but enjoyable nails squarely on the head and have newly released a fresh batch of hypno-tribal subtle pop songs for you to fall asleep/meditate to, or boogie to, whichever you prefer. High Places is definitely a good addition to the 2008 catalog of good music, and is very enjoyable to listen to. I just worry that with all the trendiness ensuing, the novelty may wear away quickly and High Places will become forgettable, but for now, let us enjoy and praise the bold new steps of the young newish-comers and thoroughly congratulate them on combining all the things we can't get enough of in music as of late.



Justin Snow said...

Wow. I'm supremely impressed they were able to cover so many bases. High praise, indeed.

Dainon. said...

I sure enjoyed them when they came to town ... yes, yes I did.