Monday, September 22, 2008

Fig Leaves - Self Titled

Fig Leaves
Fig Leaves
(04.2008, Self Released)
File Under = noisy funky post-punk decon–reconstructionists

Hailing from across the Atlantic, Fig Leaves are an experimental UK band that isn’t easy to tag (a quick glance at the “file under” nonsense above reveals as much). Fortunately, that elusiveness doesn’t reflect the accomplished and cohesive nature of their eye opening self-titled debut CDr/cassette. Yes, Fig Leaves are “experimental” and yes, I did just mention that their most recent release is on both CDr and cassette formats, however, this is much more that your average hipster improv filler, AKA “We record every jam session and release it as a limited CDr.” Fig Leaves are as satisfying to listen to as they are impressively (to your hipster friends) unknown. This little album is a fully dynamic, muscular gem filled with constantly impressive break beat drumming, funk infused bass lines, early 90s post punkery, all floating in a collage of samples and industrio-electronic pedal induced mayhem. Sounds pretty fresh right? “If it’s true,” you qualm. I honestly don’t know what to say to that except to give you my word on this one – if there is one unknown act on Forest Gospel that you hope is as described, The Fig Leaves are it. In fact, these guys are just about the only band in my opinion that is properly picking up where This Heat left off with Deceit more then 25 years ago. If that doesn’t cause the old aural taste buds to start salivating I don’t know what will. But for the sake of additional reference points and absurdist related band stews, lets just say that Fig Leaves are something like a much dirtier Battles with a Fugazi song or two tucked away amidst their additional WZT Hearts squalor. Tasty!

-Mr. Thistle

Fig Leaves on Myspace


Nick said...

Agreed! After I wrote about Fig Leaves on my website they sent me their EP. It's so so good.

anco said...

this review is spot on! i've been listening to the stuff on their myspace loads, it kind of creeps into your earholes and won't leave. in a really good way. the soundtrack to the best nightmare i ever had.