Monday, December 10, 2012

Nick Millevoi - In White Sky

Grizzly, doom-laden solo guitar from Nick Millevoi of Many Arms (whose self-titled LP on Tzadik this year was an incredible noise/punk/jazz frenzy).  On In White Sky, Millevoi has lets things slowly devolve into a wonderfully dark, trenchant granularity.  Beautifully demented and worthy of some meditative headphone time.


Erik-Dardan Ymeraga said...

you're in prov right? going to the show at 186 carpenter tonight? millevoi's playing -- but also WORK/DEATH + assembly of light members + erik ruin (whose art you'd love I think if you haven't come across it) music/shadow projection improv collab set! unbelievably psyched.

Nick said...

Sadly, no. I'm still 10 pages short on an essay due tomorrow. Hopefully I can still finish it through the tears of missing such an awesome-sounding show.