Monday, December 3, 2012

Ahnnu - Couch / Pro Habitat

Ahnnu is a Los Angeles-based post-hip hop experimentalist that can be loosely, if vaguely, connected to the forefather work of Prefuse 73 (just to give you an arena), and 2012 is his coming out party.  Dude's released three albums this year--the most recent of which, Survival, popping up in October.  Survival is fair, but where you should really focus your time is with the first two from this year: Couch and Pro Habitat.  The albums are just lush, off-kilter with their overabundance of sampling, and luxuriously woozy.  They are distinctive from one another, but I can't help listening to them back-to-back--making them brother and sister. Something about these two albums just hits the pleasure centers so hard, its exhilarating   Ahnnu isn't new, per se, but relatively--certainly new to me--and in that capacity, maybe my most exciting personal discovery of 2012.  Check both albums streaming below:

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