Thursday, March 8, 2012

"SOLIPSIST" by Andrew Thomas Huang

Amazing, and weird.

The making of:


trickmytrick said...

That was awesome. Some excellent modern art. Kind of reminds me of Jan Svankmajer (tiny, tiny bit).

If you haven't heard/seen Jan Svankmajer's work, do so now! Essential stuff.


Nick said...

Thanks for the recommend. It seems I see his Alice film cover everywhere.

trickmytrick said...

Oh yeah, Alice is great. That movie is a total trip.

I would recommend his film "Faust" from the mid 90's. It is extremely rare so you will probably have to find it on the internet somewhere.

He's got a lot of short films dating back to the late 50's I believe.

This one is a trip, all 3 parts are awesome.

Again, thanks for sharing this Solipsist clip... mind blowing visuals.

MRGun said...

That was beautiful, and totally brightened my morning. Thanks for posting it!