Thursday, March 8, 2012

Long Long Long - Everything

And by everything I mean everything: their entire discography (which, admittedly, isn't overwhelmingly huge).  It's all available on their Bandcamp page.  You don't have to read any further, really, you don't.  But if you are, if you're still reading here and wondering, what's the deal here? well, I'm on one of my overly-excited, potentially-hyperbolic excitement sprees.  I can admit it, I've over-hyped things in the past.  Am I ashamed of it?  Maybe a little bit.  I'm pretty sure this is different though.  And if you're a little hesitant, fine--you should be.  I don't care though.  In the end, if you're head-over-heels like I am or if you simply have to admit, yea, they are pretty good, it makes no difference to me.  If you're still reading, why aren't you listening?  I'm streaming everything below.  Seriously, listen all the way through a song at least.  Sounds kind of like Women, huh.  There is no way to avoid that comparison, as much as I want to (RIP, Chris Reimer, I'm still frowning over the news...)  (--They're even Canadian.)  The important thing is that the music stands on its own.  Long Long Long isn't a derivative or a replacement, they're a genuinely talented band writing some really, really great songs.  And that's something I feel like I've been missing a lot lately: really good songs.  I'll probably regret posting this later.  But there is another part of me, the part that's been listening only to Long Long Long for the last few days straight, that doubts it.  I haven't even said why I like it.  "What it sounds like."  Seems like a mute point.  You have ears (I'm assuming); push play (it's the larger triangle shape).


Human Shmuman said...

best music find of 2012 thus far... thaaaaaaaaaanks!

M@ said...

No shame! I bought absolutely all of their stuff after reading your post. Am I the least bit sorry? Nope.

c said...

i feel the same way about music lately, if you want to know the truth. i don't know if it's me or the music. i miss feeling really excited, or... really anything.

i'm loving this though, so thank you very much for the recommendation.