Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Mourning Star Series by Kazimir Strzepek

I recently finished reading the first two installments of The Mourning Star series by Kazimir Strzepek. The third and final(?) volume is yet to be released. The whole story starts like this:

In a post apocalyptic setting on some other world, we follow a few different narratives that are all happening simultaneously. There's this guy:

Who is searching for a lost loved one that disappeared in the chaos since the Heaven Star. He is traveling with a friend and a Dream Eater, that is sort of like a pet.

Then there is a seriously evil band of greedy, power seeking criminals and leaders who have taken control of many parts of the planet since the catastrophe. This crazy guy included:

We also follow a snipper-sniper, although the image below isn't actually of the one you follow.  The snipper-sniper has amnesia and everyone he meets seems to have ulterior motives in plan.
The story is larger than life. An entire new world has been created and you are submerged instantly in an almost overwhelming amount of new characters.  Since the drawing style is somewhat simple, many of the characters looked similar to me and I had a hard time at first differentiating between them all and knowing where the plot was going.  I felt like I finally got it down by the second book and was much more able to enjoy the furthering of what felt like the giant character introduction of the first book. These books were surprisingly violent, but they never swear.  Instead they say "Sabath!" (which I think is almost as catchy as cuss).  I would call these sci-fi, and since I usually shy away from that genre it was a nice little walk into a rarely visited place for me.  Definitely an adventure.  I am excited to see how it all wraps up, cause to me, it still feels like the story is just getting started.

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Nick said...

I ultra-love this comic. Love the art. I think that, despite its simplistic appearance, the art is super intricate and textured in a unique way - great style. The tone of the book feels like a PG-13 version of Bone to me (I've gotta love the extra gruesomeness).