Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank You - Golden Worry (2011, Thrill Jockey)

RIYL = Ponytail, Battles, Deerhoof

Glory be; the ceaselessly gracious Thank You are back and even better than before. Wait, what? You don’t remember Thank You? Their debut album was Terrible Two... Nothing? Oh man, you best get on top of that. A blessedly blustery piece of mad-mathy rock workouts, that one is. And Golden Worry? Similarly blessed, wide-eyed, grinningly (though, not mischievously so) aggressive, superlative, superlative, math, superlative, superlative, rock agility, ad nauseam, sans nausea. The wide-smiling, hard-hitting glory of Golden Worry is the dog who, road-tripping across the Midwest, has his head out the window, jowls flapping madly, tail wagging relentlessly, all the energy in the world and just glad to be alive. Golden Worry fits that, even amidst its chant-happy, prog-heavy, drum-limberingly airy, out-rock gung-ho-ness. It’s there; a master class rock album that flips and turns effortlessly, bursts wildly, and satisfies.  And satisfies.

Thank you - Pathetic Magic

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