Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Forest Gospel is Awake.

Forest Gospel became tired and took a nap.  Now that we're awake again, we're a speck different.  We are no longer pseudonyms.  We are Nick and Erin (happily married) and others, potentially.  Things'll be looser.  There are no longer rules governing FG (not that there were any explicit rules before).  We expect we'll still post plenty about the music we enjoy, but also about other things we enjoy as well. 

This may include but is not contractually limited to: art, fiction, poetry, graphic novels, web comics, maps (Nick loves maps!), films, animation, music videos, zines, video games, typography, skateboarding or Audrey Hepburn.

Forest Gospel then, in the shell of a pistachio nut, is the collected cultural interests of Nick and Erin Potter; a marital dialogue of taste; a catalog of awesome; or whatever.


Also, if you're interested, we've setup a Forest Gospel page on this new website called Facebook...


Hibou17 said...

wer is teh like btton?

Forest Gospel said...

Is that badge helpful?

Justin Snow said...

I wholly support this endeavor.