Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mammal Airlines - Life of Mammals / Two Songs Too Much

Mammal Airlines
Life of Mammals/Two Songs Too Much
(2010, Papaiti Records)
RIYL = Pumice, Guided By Voices, Hanoi Janes

You know how sometimes in films or home videos or whatever, when the camera hits the sun just right and the film explodes with a brief, dazzling kaleidoscope of pure light? Just that amazing flash of sun and glass colliding? Well, if there was technology to record that instance of visual brilliance and translate it into sound, what you would get is a song from Mammal Airlines. The New Zealand troupe comes on like a flashmob burst of spiraling pop energy, glinted with ragged sunrays that you can only find shining south of the equator. Each song is a blissful thing that, despite its brevity (the two EPs, Life of Mammals and Two Songs Too Much - totaling 8 songs together - hardly constitute half of half of an album), never fails to invigorate me to the core. I cannot stop repeating these songs, over and over and over and over. They’re eternally brilliant. Mammal Airlines has cut into that pop-genius life force that spit out forever classics like Bee Thousand and Slanted and Enchanted. I kid not folks. It has me thinking, if these guys were to put out a full length album this gritty and shiny and gorgeous and rockin’, wouldn’t I be morally obligated to listen to nothing else for the rest of the year? I’m not sure, I haven’t read my Forest Gospel contract in awhile. But regardless of how hyper ecstatic I am about Mammal Airlines, Papaiti Records has made sampling the band easy by providing both EPs free for download on their site (there are plenty of other freely downloadable goodies there too, so take a gander). So smitten.


Mammal Airlines' Papaiti Records page
Mammal Airlines on MySpace
Mammal Airlines on Facebook

Mammal Airlines - Spagetta from eep! on Vimeo.

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