Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autolux - Transit Transit

Transit Transit
(08.2010, TBD Records)
RIYL: being let down gently

I waited so long for this. So Long. For This. For this? I wanted you to return triumphantly with vengeance in your wings and you just sort of showed up, not really soaking from the rain, not with a haircut. It was sort of just like, "oh hey, Autolux has a new album finally, oh, cool," instead of, "Autolux blew my brains out again! Welcome back the man (men/woman), the myth, the legend!" I mean, Transit Transit is nice, but I didn't like Future Perfect for being nice. I liked it for it's quality of angst that punched you in the face then drove you home, apologized and tucked you in bed with a peck on the forehead all in one chord. Well that, and the drumming. Anyways, thanks for returning guys, but why are you singing so sweetly?


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