Friday, April 23, 2010

Brief Update and New Project

I realize that there have been no updates on FG for a couple of weeks already, but I only have one more week of school to go and then I promise to get around to some new posts. There is a lot of great stuff to post about too, including new stuff from Gultskra Artikler, Frog Eyes, Zs, Scott Tuma, Splint, Sightings, Aaron Martin, Elephant9 and more. So yeah, just a little patience.

In the mean time, I've started up a new blog as the home to a project I've wanted to do for awhile and thought I'd spread the word about here. I'm turning super-geek and starting a zine! My idea was to create a short mix of music and use it as the springboard for series of short stories, poetry, art and comics. So yeah, follow the link at the bottom and you can download the mix and submit something if you are so inclined.

All the information is at (unfortunately, some yahoo scooped up back in '06 for a "test post").

Alright, yep. That's it. Cool.


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