Friday, April 2, 2010

Alex Tedesco - Future Strains

Alex Tedesco
Future Strains
(2010, self released)
RIYL = Dan Friel, Tonstartssbandht, Dan Deacon

Alright, I’m going to keep this relatively brief. I’m in the final weeks of my final semester of my collegiate studies and I haven’t really been thinking about this blog much at all. I figured I would only post reviews of albums that demanded it. Future Strains demands it. It’s good. Really good. It kind of feels like there has been a swell of beautiful noise pop goodness that has found its way to our inbox lately and Alex Tedesco’s Future Strains is among the cream of the crop. Rifling through the recording process “in under a week,” Future Strains is exploding with creative energy and immediacy. In thirty minutes, Tedesco manages twelve beautifully pockmarked pop songs with a couple of old synthesizers some heavily reverberated vocals. In turns dancy, heady and wonderfully bizarre, Future Strains embodies the blissful side of low fidelity without surrendering to any of the overt trendiness that been plaguing that label. All and all, Future Strains is what Forest Gospel is all about: super creative, arrestingly great new music. And it’s available for free, which is always a plus (check the link below).


Alex Tedesco's Bandcamp (where you can download Future Strains for free)

I Don't Want To from Alex Tedesco on Vimeo.

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