Thursday, December 31, 2009


Joanna Newsom
(Drag City, 2006)

One of the most consistently majestic, breath taking albums from this past decade. Newsom’s voice burrows so deeply and when laid atop of the incredible orchestration lent to Ys by whoever that dude is that worked on Smile it becomes, in a word, transcendent. Beyond the aural perfections of the album, Ys is chalk full of pitch perfect lyricism that crowns Joanna Newsom as my favourite lyricist of this past decade, if not of all time. I have no idea how Newsom plans to top this, but it may go without saying that her next release is the most anticipated that I can ever remember waiting for. Pure elfish magic.



sass said...

I thought you were going to pick Milk Eyed Mender for sure!

wendel said...

I agree with this. Colleen from that EP is an amazing song that differs from Joanna's other material and I have complete faith that her next album will be miraculous too.