Monday, November 23, 2009

Grooms - Rejoicer

(2009, Death By Audio)
RIYL = Pavement, Sonic Youth, Blood On the Wall

With list making season right around the corner for both the year and the decade (for those with the patience to actually wait until the decade ends), Rejoicer is the catalyst for displacement. To say that with this, the Grooms debut, that I’ve saved the best for last would be understatement. But wait, is this a debut? For the ‘Grooms’ moniker, yes; however, with a different drummer the band was formerly called the Muggabears. The decision to change the name was an obvious one. In fact, it is kind of unfortunate that it didn’t happen earlier because now I am going to have to backtrack in order to listen to the three albums that proceeded Rejoicer, but that is neither here nor there. No, what we are here to discuss is Rejoicer and Rejoicer, my friends, is set to unhinge jaws and leave them hanging like some many clouds. The album is simple. Seriously, how many bands could I review with stylistic comparisons to Pavement or Sonic Youth? A million. The beauty of the comparison in this particular situation is that Rejoicer not only contains the straight forward, albeit roughly hued indie rock touchstones of the godfathers of the genre, but also maintains the quality of the same. This is no lie. We all love Slanted and Enchanted and Daydream Nation, right? Well, if you love those albums then you’ll also love Rejoicer. It’s that simple. Ten songs, melodically skiwampus, with both gorgeous and corrosive qualities, that drive chords of joy and fervor straight into your heart. What we have here with the Grooms’ "debut" is an earnest mess of perfectly imperfect guitar tones that often dive off the map, excellent drumming that is focused on rhythmic utility rather than flashy fills, emotive bass undercurrents and everyman vocals that veer and cut endearingly. Rejoicer is it folks, that’s all.


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This is a great band! We just posted GROOMS performing live on