Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brilliant Colors - Introducing

Brilliant Colors
(11.2009 Slumberland)
RIYL: The Flatmates, The Shop Assistants, jumping on your bed in your room alone.

If Brilliant Colors aren’t immediately hailed as the undisputed champs of girl fronted indie pop I’m going to roll over and die this very second. Sure, Vivian Girls are good, but Brilliant Colors are giving 1986-1993 a run for its money. This is pure unadulterated straight out of the UK (California) twee as can be rock n’ roll. While most twee stars are getting their hearts broken, Colors front woman Jess Scott is out there smashing em. She’s got enough sass to put her in the ranks of Alex Taylor and Debbie Haynes. Seriously, this record is flawless; it’s like a greatest hits collection. Admittedly some earlier versions of a few songs appeared on 7 inches, but when music is this good who cares. If the Pains of Being Pure at Heart didn’t come out earlier this year, this would be the best indie pop record of the year. That said, head over to Slumberland asap and order the vinyl. Its only 8 bucks.

-Big Wooly

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