Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vivian Girls - Everything Goes Wrong

Vivian Girls
Everything Goes Wrong
(09.2009 In The Red)
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While I felt Vivian Girls debut last year was a bit overrated I’ve really got nothing against the band. In fact I think they are pretty darn cool. With their new LP, the girls find themselves writing better songs and more of them. I do however have a bit of beef with the majority of folks who write about them. I keep hearing all this talk about upbeat jangly guitar chords with 60’s girl group influence, followed by a list of other unnecessary descriptions. Cuz guess what? You can describe this band in one word. Twee. Put on a Tiger Trap or listen to a more upbeat Talulah Gosh song, then listen to Vivian Girls. It’s the same thing. Fast, simple, just got dumped, wearing a cardigan while riding a cute bike twee. You might as well take a nap with a kitten in the park while you’re at it. Now that I got my griping out of the way, I must admit, despite my initial lack of interest with the band when they blew up on the scene, they are really growing on me. Vivian Girls have found a place somewhere between The Shop Assistants and Black Tambourine in my twee loving heart. One of my favorites of the year. (Honestly, I haven't been listening to much from this year, hence the lack of reviews) But ya, still way good.

-W. Mammoth

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