Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tanya Morgan, Bibio, Raekwon and Universal Studios Florida (reviews through haikus)

Obviously, I
haven’t written in awhile:
in school, you get it.

But there is too much
good music to go without
highlighting it in

some way. I thought that
this would be nice and quick; I
turned out to be wrong.

Tanya Morgan
(2009, Interdependent Media/iM Culture)
RIYL = A Tribe Called Quest, Madlib, Common (but not lame)

You don’t understand.
So so so so so so good!
Reminds me why I

Still listen to new
music. Yes, it is backpack;
it also feels like

Kavalier and Clay:
Golden, smart as hell, produced
through effort, talent,

devotion, respect,
history, taste, thought, and of
course, more—more talent!

Ambivalence Avenue
(2009, Warp Records)
RIYL = Andrew Douglas Rothbard, The Zombies, Warp Records

You don’t have to be
sad, mad, happy, in love, or
any other emotion

Just press play. Far from
any other album of
the year. Except it


Diverse, clean, warm, and
how thoughtful, intelligent,
its own universe

An entire world;
not just of music—complete;
sights, sounds: beautiful.

Only Built For Cuban Linx… Pt. II
(2009, Ice H20/EMI)
RIYL = Ghostface Killah, Wu-Tang Clan, J Dilla

Hopefully you don’t
need to hear this at this point:
get it now, &#*%^+!

Universal Studios Florida
Ocean Sunbirds
(2009, Little Fury Things)
RIYL = High Places, Stag Hare, Lucky Dragons

[A full disclosure:
Yes, it’s kind of a so-hot-
right-now type of thing:

aquatic, neon,
psychedlic and glitchy.]
But it is well-done

it is vast and fun,
it is involving, poignant,
executed with

ease; they know what they’re
doing. So if this sounds good,
dig in—it’s worth it.

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