Thursday, July 30, 2009

xbxrx - Un Usper

Un Usper
(2009, self released)
RIYL = HEALTH, Blood Brothers, Ultra Dolphins, Daughters

It is been awhile since I’ve listened to a good palette cleanser; an album which simply steps out from the rest of my lengthy queue of albums I need to be listening to and says ‘screw the rest of this crap, lets go get a chocolate milk shake.’ I probably could have made that read a lot cooler and tougher (heaven knows xbxrx demand both), but in all honesty, I’m just not that cool or tough. That is, I haven’t been, but since I’ve started listening to the latest self released, palette cleansing album from xbxrx, Un Usper, I’ve been thinking, ‘you know what, maybe I am cool and maybe I am tough.’ Un Usper just exudes a self-assured swagger and blissful violence that can make even a geek like me feel like a dangerous punk superhero. I’m not a xbxrx expert by any means, but Un Usper certainly takes some progressive steps in culling the noisy elements of Sounds and matching it with the standard fits of rugged punk that the band regularly produces. It’s perfect for someone like me who has been waiting patiently for some good hardcore noise punk to really grasp onto, and within that arena of sound xbxrx have surely hit the mark. There is plenty of skree filled noise jams fitted next to ambling drums and guitar feedback interludes that’s built up this dynamic structure that is Un Usper. In addition to the fact that xbxrx have put out a great record, the band is the latest in recent memory to try out the pay-or-“donate”-what-you-want payment method for their work. They have uploaded the album to Mediafire, Rapidshare and elsewhere for quick accessibility along with a morality testing PayPal donation button on their home page. It is still an interesting idea and the album is surely worth some of your hard earned (depending on your job) money as a salute to the xbxrx's ear bleeding hardcore chops. Check it out now from the link below.


Dowload Un Usper from xbxrx's homepage

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